Our Volunteers

Our way of development thrives on a lively exchange of information between the projects in Nepal and the management in Germany. Without this dialogue, we would not have been able to have achieved our successes to date. This dialogue is often difficult, because many factors play. Given the cultural differences, which in themselves bring different views and expectations with them, as the hour-long power cuts in Nepal are making it difficult to communicate with modern technologies. We can not assume, that we use all the methods of communication which are so common today. All the more important it is, that there is a local presence with we can work directly on projects and current challenges.This requirement, we covered the last years very successfully with the help of our volunteers who are usually 2 to 9 months on site. The support of volunteers has become a pillar of the project's success. The field work consists in the direct supervision of the projects, the ongoing reporting and the collection of new project data.

Who wants to support us in the future in terms of volunteer work, should in any case be able to adapt to a completely different culture and their conditions. We do not want to convert with our work, but to self-guide. I.e. there must be a great deal of perseverance, patience and tolerance should be brought. The clock is now ticking with a difference in Nepal than in Germany. Communication takes place in English, and you should also set out to try to learn at least for a longer stay in the national language Nepali approaches. The quality is ultimately not important, what matters is the signal that sends the one to deal with the country and its conditions - that learning the language is to send a strong message.

So who is faced with the decision, to support us in this area, we like to introduce our Mrs. Vanessa Sauer, who is our responsible for the first questions and relevant tips, see the information below. Furthermore we would ask to submit a cover letter, an in English written CV and a digital photo by e-mail and present the motives that have led to this request. We will contact immediately with the candidate in combined in an initial interview and clarify mutual expectations. Has overcome this hurdle, we will rather move the candidates in recent volunteers in conjunction with the order to begin a most effective experience. You can exchange much about the goals and expectations in the run report, much more important is the dialogue with those who themselves have already made the experience as a volunteer and want to share their experiences.

Nepal has left in any case, even with our current helpers positive, sustainable impact, even sit on the agreed time to come deal with the people of Nepal and their problems. This sustainability is there, what distinguishes long-term development work.

Cheer up - it's a great experience for all involved!

Vanessa Sauer Vanessa Sauer is our responsible for volunteers or those who are interested in such a way of support. She wants to share experiences from their time in Nepal, and holds the contact with the previous volunteers, so that a continuously updated of information has to be taught.
Vanessa compiled the important topics in her "A - Z for volunteers", also her recommendation about the packing list to be downloaded.
Your questions may be directed at the following e-mail address to Vanessa Sauer: nessi.sauer@googlemail.com