The work in Germany

The association's activities are controlled by the Institutional Bodies (members and Executive Board). The Executive Board and appointed coordinators monitor the realization of the association's goals.

This surveillance consists in a first instance in the control of the written work product. In a second instance, the results are occasionally checked on site. This regular presence in Nepal is important to underline the seriousness of our responsibilities and be in dialogue is always looking for new or improved methods in the implementation of our association's goals.The Board has the task to publicize the association's goals and to and promote members, donors, godfathers and sponsors. He has set up a dialogue with public institutions, associations, other associations, both in Germany and across the borders and maintain. The Board is to promote the work and reputation of the club, particularly in Nepal. These include the dialogue with governmental institutions, associations and other acting in the public institutions.

The association's work focuses on the following priorities:

The work in Nepal

On 25 November 2005, we established in the Nepal Mandala Welfare Society - Nepal, which will represent our own interests as a NGO (non government organization) in Nepal. This organization was registered by the Social Welfare Council, Kathmandu under the state registration number 18740.

Starting from our head office in Kathmandu, we build a network that extends into the regions and manages the coordinators in charge there. These regional responsibility, with their region, ethnic factors, economic opportunities and the infrastructure very familiar and they know the specific problems and tasks. Select the eligible families and children to be supported. They keep in contact with the parents and control their use. The regional coordinators are responsible for the realization of our development objectives of each individual child. They are the point of contact for the child, the parents and the school. The results of the Regional Manager will be monitored by the central coordination.