Morija BönningMy name is Morija Bönning, born 1990. When I finished my bachelor's degree in February 2013 in Psychology I try to do something completely different. I wanted to experience something different from the western culture, meet other religions and live a different life away from our luxury. So I flew with the help of the Nepal Children's Aid Association for 4 months into the Mandala Children Home. There I lived and worked with 24 Nepalis which 19 children under one roof and quickly realized how big are the differences between the life and perspectives. I was received with open arms and with even more open heart, was immediately integrated into the family and soon I could not imagine any other life than the Nepalese life. It touched me like the people with the little they had dealt carefully, never found a reason to complain and the food shared with a. I could feel the positive energy of the people and they could implement for me in my life. These four months changed me in many ways. I learned to be grateful and happy for my life and especially appreciate the richness and associated privileges in our society.
Back in Germany, so it was clear to me: these people have there been so much for me, have showed me so much and given me so much love, want and I can not forget and I will therefore try in Germany as much as possible for them to achieve and in my next free weeks to fly back to them.
I wish everyone that once he has the ability to collect such experiences themselves.

Yours Morija

Nepal - Sports and Culture. This is used by most people who have information about Nepal or ever there were brought immediately. Either one can be good to yourself in a yoga retreat, trekking in the Himalayas or visit the numerous temples of Nepal, which reflects the culture and religion of the Nepalese. Activities that can fill a wonderful holiday and a lay off as a bit different person back into the home. But not so for the locals. Hardly anyone can afford to pursue sporting activities to pursue their culture and religion in a reasonable White and important festivals to visit their main temple.

So it is with the children from the Mandala Children Home. The life of the ambitious children consists largely of work. Work at school (thanks to the many sponsors can visit regularly) or working in the kitchen, washing or in the garden. In her free time reading and dreaming of her trips to their temples to honor their gods or bring himself on the lawn flips, flip-flops or dances at.

As a volunteer on the spot I made sure that the kids and the boys can log into a kung fu club. The prospect of getting to the finish homework a reward in the form of physical activity, not only had a positive impact on the enjoyment of life, but also significantly on the motivation to learn. The children are curious to learn something new and are very talented. Thus, the visits were swimming very fast in the pool with me and another volunteer, Philip, the true highlights in the lives of many children and learned.

I would like to give the children more trips and sports activities. Something which is of course in Germany, is hardly imaginable for children in Nepal.

Here, a monthly contribution of a sports club for 1 euro or a bus trip for 20 cents is not expensive and affordable for everyone in our world.

So get much more for sports and culture for the children in the Mandala Children Home and donate as much as you want to give!

We offer two ways to donate for „Sport and Culture“:

1. Your transfer to:

Bank name : Volksbank Viersen eG
Account : 20 12 15 10 15
BLZ : 314 602 90
IBAN : DE18314602902012151015
Password : Sport and Culture
Important : Remember to include your address if you need a donation certificate.

2. Safe and easy through our donation portal: