Donations tax-deductible: you must note!

Donations and contributions to charitable organizations and foundations are required by paragraph § § 10b of the Income Tax Act for tax-deductible.

Tax-deductible donations and the amount of deduction

Donations to nonprofit organizations, up to a height of 20 percent of the total amount of income or up to 4 per thousand of the sum of total sales as well as the spent on wages and salaries in the calendar year can be claimed at the tax office as a special edition made ​​and therefore tax deductible.

Simplified donations proof without donation receipt

Donations up to 200 € without official donation receipt plus the deposit slip of the payment will be submitted to the Tax Office. Donations for the simplified proof up to 200 € (§ 50 paragraph 2 No. 2, letter b of the Income Tax) on a non-profit corporation is also a proof by computer printout produced by the payee an additional document with the required printing - tax-exempt purpose, is used for the grant, the recipient information on the exemption from corporation tax, donation or membership fee - to present. The simplified form for the donation proof of a donation to the Nepal Children's Aid Association you can get here to download.

Donations over € 200 must be demonstrated through a donation receipt be issued by the recipient of the gift / donation receipt.

Our donation service: automatice donation receipt:

The Nepal Children's Aid Association is recognized at the tax office as non-profit organization and exempt from corporate income tax, so you can deduct donations to our association of the tax.

For donation o more than 50 € automatically we will send you automatically a separate tax receipt for the tax office to. We understand that this grant will be used tax-exempt purposes as defined in § § 51 ff AO.

Individual donors of us get sent after receipt of a donation receipt. Donors with a regular donations mode will receive their donations certificate not later than January of the following year - on request, we will of course also create a certificate for a single donation.

Please do not forget to specify your name and address.

What if we do not get your address?

On your account you get 1 or 2 cents of the Nepal Children's Aid Association with a request to contact us?

We have trasferred 1 or 2 cents to our donors who have donated to us and whose address is not our present. The address of our donors we need to send the donation receipts. Where the cent-transfer step for us is the cheapest way to contact you. A procedure that is practiced by many other prestigious organizations as well.

In this case we ask you to call us so that you can tell us your address. In addition to our telephone number +49 (0) 21 63-4 75 12 we have given you a so-called reference. Please call us this number, then we can allocate your donation and send you a donation certificate faster.

Alternatively, you can leave your address details via e-mail ( Your donation receipt will automatically follow after a few days by mail. Again, you can enter your reference number and request your donation receipt.

Thank you for your support!