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We need for the education of a child approximately 444 € / year. The supply of a child in the Mandala Children Home is approximately 650 € / year. You have the opportunity to contribute with an arbitrarily large donation to that we can serve more children.

As payment for one of the following accounts we offer:

Are the donation in a calendar year amounts greater than 200 €, you will receive a gift certificate for submission to your tax office, otherwise satisfies the bankreceipt or bank statement. See here our Donation Informationen.

What the Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V. provides:

Our Bank Account:

Bank name
Bank code no.
: Volksbank Viersen eG
: 314 602 90
: 20 12 15 10 15
: DE18314602902012151015
Bank name
Bank code no.
: Bayerische Hypo- und
  Vereinsbank AG
: 700 202 70
: 6 60 94 24 83
: DE40700202700660942483
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