Jürgen RichterichMy name is Jürgen Richterich, founder and chairman of the Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V..

When we started in 2005 to help children in Nepal access to education, the public school system was so dire that a proper education only through the offer of private schools was possible. Today we see the first effects to improve the public school system, with the support of the school and Ministry of Social Affairs. This gives us also the opportunity to help children who want to attend a state school. Especially in rural areas, the government schools are the only way to impart education. For private schools, the rural area are not attractive enough.

In Nepal, it is a tradition that a student has to wear a school uniform, he should be able to go to school. But this beautiful tradition also has a dark side, because many parents can not even afford these costs, let alone the cost of school books, notebooks or writing materials. Thus, these children have no opportunity to visit a self free, public school.

Here is my project will start and generate donations that help children are provided with the necessary basic equipment - the "key to education".

As mentioned in the basic idea of the project, we turn first to the children and parents who can not enjoy the benefits of an already good infrastructure in urban environments, but have to make do with the simplest conditions in rural or in the inhumane conditions in industrialized areas.

In this environment, the opportunity to earn money even more limited than in the city and therefore it is for the parents too difficult to generate the financial cost for the mandatory school uniform, books, exercise books and writing materials.

Often it is existentially more importantly, if the parents make the daily meals for the family in the first place.

For this reason, many children a school stay away, although there are also in the remote areas of Nepal certainly schools that collect at least claim to lead children from illiteracy.

These children, we want to open up the possibility with our help to get the "key to education" in which we ensure the necessary standard equipment for one school year.


The conditions and requirements vary from school to school, from the project area to project area with security. In any case, we want to equip the aspiring students with the basic things for a school year:

  • the school uniform,
  • the shoes,
  • the school bag,
  • the books,
  • the booklets,
  • the write stuff.

The running costs will be billed by our local organization directly with the relevant schools. The donations are not paid to the parents, not to bring them into temptation, to be able to cover otherwise needs it.

It may be that one or the other performance matters worse, maybe , there is also the possibility to grant medical coverage or other important things.

We do not want to specify the benefits in terms of cost. Your donation of any amount is welcome. The more donations we receive, the more children we can help in our project areas.

A note may well be useful, so you can classify the average cost of the services mentioned above. One such equipment costs in the school year about 50 Euros per student .

These costs are measured at the cost of an education at private schools believe much lower and because of this, and we also hope that we find a large number of donors who are willing to make this contribution for a child or even donor to find which are a quite higher amount willing to donate to thereby lay a larger number of children the "key to education" into their hand.

Khudi Khola Sukumbashi was founded around the year 2000, for very poor families. Today there live about 1100 families (60% women, 40% men). The settlement lies south-east of Pokhara extending over a length of almost 10 kilometers along the Khudi River and is divided into 7 sections, so-called "tolerance". Tole 1 and 2 are located the main street, the Prithvi Highway, next. There, about 300 of them children aged live up to 15 years.

We have visited the poorest families whose children can not attend school for reasons stated and the first thing selected 11 children who are sponsored by us from the new school year 2014.

The children at Khudi Khola

In section 1 and 2, there are only 253 homes, they lie at an altitude of about 675 meters above sea level. About 1000 people live there, around 300 children aged 4 -. 15 years

Most people who live there earn their salary as a construction worker or helper that collect in the valley of the Khudi Khola stones and sand. About 10% of the population, mostly women, working in Dubai, Malaysia and Qatar as domestic servants.

The people there live below the poverty line and can not even feed their families with sufficient and balanced food or clothing necessary. The people do not have land and are only tolerated as Homeless here.

Simple houses are in poor condition, tight and without any utilities.

The people have to work from sunrise to sunset. Holiday knows you do not, even on the weekends working.

Found just 1 km from the settlement there is a state infirmary ( Nagar Swasthya Kendra ), which can be visited free of charge. People suffering from colds, viral infections, fever, diarrhea and scabies. The life expectancy is about 60 to 65 years.

Near the village there are one or two small shop where the most necessary things of daily use (rice, cooking oil, biscuits, noodles, spices, vegetables, etc.) can be purchased.

The settlement is close to the main road (Prithvi Highway) from Kathmandu towards Pokhara. An ambulance, police or garbage trucks can reach the settlement.

Over 8 months of the year, the temperature at about 35 ° C for 4 months, in winter, at about 10° C.

About 1 kilometer from the village lies the Shree Himalayan Lower Secondary School, a public school. The Higher Secondary School is located 5 km away, where could students visit classes 9 - 12.

Approximately 250 children from Sukumbashi, aged 4-15 years, the Shree Himalayan Lower Secondary School could visit if they could procure the necessary school materials (books, notebooks, pens). The mandatory school uniform must be paid by the families themselves. This is priceless for many families and attend school so impossible.

A few years ago the school was temporarily supported by the Lions Club of Gandaki and the Himalayan Club of Japan. This support , however, was short-lived.

On our last visit in Pokhara we have beed advised by the Ministry of Social Affairs to this emergency and we were asked to get a picture of the situation of families living there. On the way back from Pokhara to Kathmandu, our employees have taken and documented the situation on the ground in inspection. Similarly, we have subsequently researched and supported by Sanisha Shrestha, who lives here in Germany, and which has enabled near Pokhara their friends to complete our information.

Thanks to Lorenz Thöle who has renounced his birthday on gifts in the usual way, guests have donated and he was able to allow an additional 12 children in the settlement on the Khudi Khola enrollment.

12 Children - 1 Birthday

The children have already been selected and equipped with everything needed for one school year. The mandatory school uniform was given to the tailor in order, shoes, socks, sweaters, school bag, books, notebooks and pens were purchased.

A very big day for these children and their parents who are really living in unimaginable poverty and were able to make with the help of Lorenz Thöle the first step to a better future.

12 Children - 1 Birthday

Thus our sponsored children can also be promoted permanently and the number of subsidized charges maybe even grow, we also need your help to continue.

We offer two options to donate for "key to education":

1. your transfer to:

Bank name : Volksbank Viersen eG
IBAN : DE18314602902012151015
Password : key to education
Important : Remember to include your address if you need a donation certificate.

2. Safe and easy through our donation portal: