§ 1 Name, location and fiscal year
  1. The association is called Nepal Kinderhilfe e.V..
  2. The association has its seat in 41372 Niederkrüchten.
  3. Fiscal year is the calendar year.
§ 2 Association purpose
  1. Purpose of the association is to enable those children to school in Nepal, and thereby create the conditions for vocational training, whose parents are unable to provide the necessary funds.
  2. The Statute of purpose is achieved through the use of contributions, contributions, donations, grants or other assistance. These funds are for the financing of studies, including associated costs such as School uniforms, meals, educational materials, if necessary, accommodation, medication and other costs used.
  3. The association pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes within the meaning of section "tax purposes" of the revenue in the current version.
§ 3 Selflessness
  1. The Association is selfless active, he does not pursue primarily economic purposes.
  2. Association funds may only be used for statutory purposes, including related administrative and coordination costs. The members receive no compensation from funds of the association.
  3. No person may benefit from expenditures that are foreign to the purpose of the corporation, or to receive disproportionately high remuneration.
§ 4 Membership
  1. Membership is open to any natural or legal person. Membership is sought through a membership application.
  2. The association consists of members whose goal is to actively engage in club events and to support the association's purpose in accordance with § 2.
  3. Membership is terminated by voluntary withdrawal, exclusion, death of a member or loss of legal capacity for legal persons.
  4. The voluntary termination of membership must be declared by notice in writing to the end of the year by giving three months period to the Board.
  5. The exclusion of a member with immediate effect and for good reason can then be issued, if the member in a rough way to the statutes, ordinances, statutes the purpose or contrary interests of the club. On the exclusion of a member of the Board shall decide by simple majority vote. The member must give formal notice of two weeks having the opportunity to speak before the Board on the charges brought about.
  6. Upon termination of membership, for whatever reason to invalidate any claims arising from the member relationship. A repayment of contributions, donations or other support services is generally excluded. The claim of the club on arrears of premiums receivable remains unaffected.
  7. Membership fees are levied. About the timing and amount determined by the General Assembly. In cases of major violations of club duties, such as failure to pay the membership fee, despite issuing a single warning, the Board may decide to exclude a member.
§ 5 Association bodies

he association bodies are::

  1. the Members Assembly.
  2. the Board.
§ 6 Members Assembly
  1. The general assembly takes a simple majority of members present, decisions, unless the statute specifies a different majority, and has a quorum irrespective of the number of members present. Abstentions are not counted. In a tie, the application shall be rejected as asked.
  2. Votes in the General Meeting be open by show of hands or acclamation.
  3. Ordinary members may vote. Each member has the age of 16 Year of life a voice, which may be exercised in person.
  4. Changes to the Constitution and decisions to dissolve the Association published a three-fourths majority of the voters is necessary.
  5. Resolutions of the General Assembly will be logged.
  6. Other tasks of the members assembly:
    • The general assembly shall receive the annual report and the report of the auditors.
    • The general assembly decides the club budget.
    • The general assembly decides on the discharge of the Board.
    • The general assembly elects the board in the individual functions for 4 years.
    • The general assembly decides on the level of annual membership fees.
§ 7 The Board
  1. The Board of Directors within the meaning of § 26 BGB consists of at least six members. These are the chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and their respective representatives.
  2. The board is elected by the General Assembly for a term of 4 years. The indefinite re-election of board members is allowed.
  3. The Board remains up to the election of a new board in office.
  4. The Board is represented by two members in and out of court.
  5. The Executive Board shall be responsible, the association's work. He can draw up their own rules of procedure and may perform specific tasks to distribute among its members or set up committees for the processing or preparation.
  6. The Board shall decide by simple majority. The Board has a quorum if at least two board members are present, or agree in writing. In a tie, the motion is defeated.
  7. Decisions of the Board are recorded in the minutes of the meeting and signed by authorized representative at least two board members.
  8. The Board invites written two weeks in advance at least once a year for members' book.
  9. The chairman conducts the current club business.
  10. The Board decides on the admission of new members of the association.
  11. If a board member before the expiry of his / her election time, the Board is entitled to appoint one commissioner board member. In this way, certain board members to remain until the next meeting in office.
  12. Preclude the entry in the recognition of non-profit associations or by the competent tax statutes certain content that is authorized the Board to carry out independently amendments.
§ 8 Auditors
  1. Over the years, meeting two auditors are to be elected for a term of 1 year. The auditors have to examine the task of accounting documents and their proper accounting and use of funds and to determine in particular the correct tax and statutory appropriations. The audit did not extend to the appropriateness of the tasks made by the Board.
  2. The auditors are required to inform the annual general meeting on the outcome of the cash audit.
§ 9 CEO

To manage the current business a CEO can be ordered by the board of directors, he may be the member of the board.

§ 10 Rules

The association may adopt its rules of procedure. This is decided by the general meeting by simple majority.

§ 11 Resolution / elimination of the tax-purpose
  1. With the dissolution of the association or cessation of tax purposes, the assets of the association is at the Hermann Gmeiner Fond, SOS Children's Villages ", which shall use it directly and exclusively for non-profit or charitable purposes in the Children's Village Nepal.
  2. The liquidators, the authorized representative of the incumbent board members are determined, where the members otherwise finally determined.

The content of the above statutes (§ 1 - § 11) was decided by the founding meeting on 08.01.2005.

The Board