Sabine TscharntkeMy name is Sabine Tscharntke, born in 1971 in Eisenach / Thuringa. Immediately after the fall of the wall my desire for freedom was so great that I immediately went to Hesse and there had the good fortune to be able to immediately start a bank clerk. I have worked in this industry for more than 20 years.
In 2009, I again reminded myself thanks to a "key experience" to the dreams of my youth and started to implement it gradually and live.
First I worked four weeks as part of a social project with children in Thailand, which satisfied me very much. In March 2010, I traveled to Nepal for the first time. My childhood dream, to see once in your life the really big mountains, has been fulfilled and much more.
With my children project in Nepal I can both live. The passion for the mountains combined with my project of the heart to allow children access to education and thus to give a chance for a better future. Especially the magnificent mountains of the Himalayas, the reduced to its essentials and my intense encounters with the people of this region have again "grounded" me. This experience will benefit me in my job as a director of a major French bank in the private wealth management in Munic.

My story or "What can result from an encounter in the Himalayas"

On the first real day of hiking in area of Annapurna (Nepal) I met this about 8-year-old boy on his way to school. At my Namaste, this guy, with his bright brown eyes, smiling and responded with his Namaste, wanted to know where I 'm coming from. His English was excellent and we got to chatting, as Germany is, what are his favorite subjects in school and what had mine favorite had been. Then suddenly I feel how pushes a small child's hand into mine, he smiles at me and says, "Let's walk hand in hand". Can there be a more intensive, more beautiful encounter right at the beginning of a journey happen? As we continue to walk, he told me that he can only go to school because his dad works in Kathmandu. Because school costs money, and if you do not have dad who deserves well, you can not go to school. It's sad that he sees the father only twice a year, but school is important. Then we meet a very poor looking man carrying iron bars. The boy whispers to me that this is a very poor man and that this man is so poor and has to carry such a heavy burden, because he could not go to school. But he will not be poor later, as he learns to read, count and write yes.

This encounter, the words of this boy have touched my heart deep inside and never left me. By another, very moving encounters the desire to give something back to this country of what it has given me arose. So I took over the direct sponsorship of an orphan and support since an orphanage in Sundarijal / Kathmandu.

It is jointly managed with many donors there to give 46 children a chance at life, to childhood, to the future. This motivates and arouses the desire to have more children in Nepal a chance to education and to give to a future outside of abject poverty.

With each donation to the donation account of the Nepal Children's Aid Association also you will help.

100% of your donation goes to the project "Sabine Vischer - Education is Future".

You single donation or godparentship is welcome. Already from a fundraising total sum of EUR 27.00 per month may be a child in Nepal allows a full school.

Of course, you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt.

Through your support of my project following children already attending the school:
Ashmita Thapa Devraj Lama Kusang Tamang Sarmila Younjan Monika Rai
Roshni Chaudari Srijana Lama Mina Lama Mandira Upadhya Pemba Chhiring Sherpa
Devraj, Sabine and Ashmita, 09.11.2013
Thanks to all our donors !!!

Thus our sponsored children can also be promoted permanently and the number of subsidized charges maybe even grow, we also need your help to continue.

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