Our work is only as good as the work of the weakest link in a chain. Our helpers on the ground are strong. Strong because they believe in the success of our work and the impact and improvements have constantly before their eyes. The chain of our services is robust, because pull together in one direction and we go in small steps towards our goals.

The Nepal Children's Aid Association is dependent on this cooperation. The most important thing we have to give these hard-working hands of our confidence in their motives and their performance.

Many people help on the spot:

Mim Lal Shrestha Mim Lal Shrestha, 12.12.1974, Chairman of theMandala Welfare Society Nepal and director of the Children Home.
"My name is Mim Lal Shrestha. I would like to bring to this organization to help people living in absolute poverty, and I have high hopes to meet their needs. I am interested in social work, in particular, I want to give my support to the disabled. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. Vegetate 75% of the population below the poverty line. Most of them find no work to earn something . Even if they work all day long, it is not enough to cover basic needs. This enables them to provide their children with no education and they are also working at a young age. For this reason, I am proud to work for this organization to give some children a better future. The kids are bein rivers easily, and if we don't give them an education, they will never achieve their independence. Children are the future of our country. The children of rich people don't have these problems. The parents pay a lot, a lot of money into expensive schools, they make the overall situation in the country nothing, the poor do not have that opportunity. The public schools are very bad and corrupt. For these reasons, I am very interested in the work of our organization, it is a helping hand to these people. I am proud of the organization to work. If I also get a positive sign about my work done, I promise, as long as I can I'll work for the organization. Thank you. Mim Lal Shrestha."
Biku Lal Shrestha Biku Lal Shrestha, Vice President of the Mandala Welfare Society Nepal, Budhanilkantha.
Shyam Malla Thakuri Shyam Malla Thakuri, Treasurer der Mandala Welfare Society Nepal and headmaster of the Diamond Medium English School, Budhanilkantha.
Gita Shrestha Gita Shrestha, Secretary of the Mandala Welfare Society Nepal.
Since 2006 she is the mother of the Mandala Children Home, with all tasks and the heart of a mother for all the children. "We are one family and our children even have some more siblings then others."
Krishna Bir Lama Krishna Bir Lama, Member of the Mandala Welfare Society Nepal, Pokhara.
Lhakpa Jangba Tamang Lhakpa Jangba Tamang, 10.06.1984, Member of the Mandala Welfare Society Nepal and Regional Manager Langtang.
"It is a great honor to be working for the organization of Nepal Children's Aid Association. I was born in a poor remote village in Langtang. Throughout his life, I had poverty and helplessness of the residents in mind. After seeing so many helpless orphans in our area, I have liked them to give assistance and training to allow them some time or would have once formed, residents of our region and to improve the situation in our country. After I've met the goals of our organization, I firmly believe in the fulfillment of my dreams to helping the poor children. I pray to Buddha that the organization of Nepal's Children's Aid more and more capable of helping poor children."
Rai Kumar Shrestha Rai Kumar Shrestha, Member of the Mandala Welfare Society Nepal, Budhanilkantha.
Tsering Choeden Tsering Choeden, 15.10.1975, Support Pokhara.
"I was born in a Tibetan refugee family who had fled after the occupation of Tibet by the Chinese in the Kingdom of Mustang. Later we moved over to the Tibetans Jampaling camp near Pokhara. There I was one of the first children and students simultaneously. At that time we were about 13 students and had a teacher. A classroom did not exist. We were taught under the shade of the trees and on a nearby hill. After some time we got a sponsor. With his money a house was built and a second teacher came to this. We have a really modern school. Every morning at seven we went to school at six clock in the afternoon and came back home. This seems to be a long time, but children may prefer to be in school than home. At home we have to work all the time eg weaving or spinning wool. At school we had in addition to learning about time to play. Luckily, we got a little later a very good head teacher, a man of vision and courage. Even during the holidays, there was a recreation program for children. It must be clear that the parents were strict. The parents have children but also loved, but the times were very bad and we were living in poverty. Within 15 days there was only one meal of meat. We worked until late in the evening and at night. There remained only a little time for homework and a little sleep. We were reviewed at every opportunity, and fell into sleep. The homework we did before school starts. After the seventh grade I went to Kathmandu to school, where I my degree in the 10th Class could make. I was good at school and incidentally also carried out a theater and folk dance. I dreamed at the time thereof, can work as an advocate for human rights. These dreams were destroyed when my parents were young again. I had to study my desire to give up and go to my father on hand, had to earn the bread alone. I wanted to be able to perform miracles, which I helped my parents. My dreams for the future, but remained only dreams. Based on this experience, I developed a strong ambition to help the future generation, so you do not wiederfährt the same fate and I have always considered for opportunities to help students and children. The support of the school and the Tibetan Camp not far from sufficient, and I have been looking for a way to do. I swore to myself every opportunity to benefit, to help people. My way of life is to help others and to inflict any harm living things. Love and care are the basic principles of my life. We must help those in need together so that everyone can live peacefully and protect each other. My attitude is aimed at all children, not just the Tibetan refugee children. I am in negotiations with a good friend of Nepal in Pokhara, who will also support. Tsering Choeden."