Mandala Children Home

Flyer: Mandala Children Home

Our children orphanage, Mandala Children Home, Budhanilkantha, which was founded in 2008, when our people were faced with a situation in which a brother and sister suddenly became an orphan, and there was no one who would have to take care of these kids. So we then agreed to include these children with us and thus laid the foundation, a small home for orphans to launch.

Meanwhile, our organization in the suburb of Kathmandu, is well known and we can not shut our eyes to the social distress. Today, we already serve 30 children, an interim move to a larger house was absolutely necessary.

Our children live in the Mandala Children Home as in a large family. Mim and Gita Lal Shrestha play sacrificing the parents' role and the children feel like having sisters. The older children will provide a reasonable duties and take care of younger siblings. Without outside help is what so many children no longer. An otherwise destitute women to help us in the kitchen, laundry, and the thousand other things that occur daily.

It is not difficult to list everything we do for these children. All the things parents do for their children, if they would allow their financial resources.

For Nepalese relations is what is being done far more than most children ever have expected:

With your donations we make sure that

The cost of care

In the actual environment we need to care for a child approximately 740 € / year. We cover all the aforementioned services.

How do you set up your donation earmarked:

As payment for one of the following accounts we offer:

We like to establish another children home, therefore we need your support: