The initiative <b>Transparent Civil Society</b> is supported by a sponsoring group of:<br> <br>- Transparency Deutschland e.V.,<br>- the Bundesverband deutscher Stiftungen,<br>- the Deutschen Zentralinstitut für soziale Fragen DZI,<br>- the Deutschen Fundraising Verband,<br>- the Deutschen Kulturrat,<br>- the Deutschen Naturschutzring,<br>- the Deutschen Spendenrat,<br>- the Maecenata Institut für Philanthropie und Zivilgesellschaft and<br>- the Verband Entwicklungspolitik Deutscher Nichtregierungsorganisationen Venro.<br> <br>This group of sponsors ensures the dissemination of the initiative, monitors their<br>compliance at random and is responsible for their content and organizational development.<br> <br>On the initiative of Transparency Deutschland e. V. many civil society stakeholders<br>in science and science have identified ten basic points that every civil society organization<br>should make accessible to the public.<br> <br>Read the principles of the <b>Nepal Kinderhilfe e. V.<b><br> <br> <br><center><font size='+1'>10 good reasons why you can trust us.</font></center>
In our responsibility for the public welfare we will tell you
  • what we strive for goals,
  • where the funds are,
  • how the funds are used,
  • who the decision makers are.
  • School sponsorshipWith your school sponsorship place in a child the foundation for a better, more self-determined life in dignity and solidarity
  • MembershipWith only 20 € / year you create a stable foundation and actively participate in the development and success of our association in part
  • DonationYour donation ensures many children education, care and supplies. Recognized as charitable organization, we reward your donation with your donation certificate
  • „School project Bhimkori“Dieter's project allows children to attend school in their home villages
  • GodfatherSlowly but steadily, the number of those who sponsor a child grows. Our statistics are exact day information
  • School sponsorshipSlowly but steadily, the number of school sponsorships grows. Our statistics are exact day information
  • MemberThe membership numbers grow slowly. Our statistics are precise daily information

Ihre Adventspende für die Kinder in Nepal.

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